A couple of authors are strongly promoting the concept of minimum effective dose. We do not endorse or even completely agree with the concepts of Body by Science. We understand that there are multiple means by which people can accomplish their fitness

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Golf stretching program (to be done after your warm up and before you play).Exercise instruction courtesy RealTimeRehab.com Test Your Knowledge with Our US Open Golf Quiz <a href=”http://www.quizrevolution.com/ch/a164884/go/in_honor_of_the_us_open”>in_honor_of_the_us_open</a> Newsletter Video Archive  


How to decrease recreational water illness – from the CDC Facts about Water Safety from the CDC Learn more about boating safety here Extreme Heat Prevention Guide Sun Protection Information Newsletter Video Archive

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Newsletter Video, Attempting to gauge physical activity levels of patients after total knee replacement   Flash version 9,0 or greater is required You have no flash plugin installed Click here to download latest version   Newsletter Video Archive


The definition of posture What do physiotherapists consider to be the best sitting spinal posture? Computers and Posture
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Take Our Quiz! References: Primary Care Referral of Patients with Low Back Pain to Physical Therapy: Impact on Future Healthcare Utilization and Costs. Newsletter Video Archive

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Take Our Quiz! References: www.drowsydriving.org Educational Documents in English “Facts about Drowsy Driving”: Handout (General) (PDF) “Facts about Drowsy Driving”: Handout (Teens/Young Drivers) (PDF) Educational Documents in Spanish “Facts about Drowsy Driving” Handout (General) (PDF) “Facts about Drowsy Driving” Handout (Teens) (PDF)

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Make sure you consult your physical therapist or your doctor before you start this or any exercise program. Go to l.ptclinic.com/VnAGkH (click on an exercise photo to view the video) Download the program by clicking here Newsletter Video Archive