Comments from Review Sites

The following came from a variety of review sites.

“The clinical staff are fantastic. I plan to use Atlas for all of my family’s needs.”

July ’12

“Dawn as well as the rest of the staff were excellent and very professional. They explained everything and the benefits of the various exercises as well as suggesting others to do at home. I have been to other rehab facilities but this was much better than the others.”

June ’12

“Received focused individual attention from Thomas. Moreover he explained the anatomical issues and discovered some hot spots that were generating pain. And finally he was continually evaluating my issues as he learned them–and adjusted treatment accordingly.”


“Brandon was fantastic with helping get my leg/knee better so I am able to run and continue to add more and more cardio to my workouts.”

Feb ’12

“I go to the 210 branch & you couldn’t have a friendlier/more caring staff – they’re amazing! When you actually look forward to going to PT, you know that the people are wonderful!! Lisa & Jen are incredible people & therapists & Nathan always greets everyone w/ a big smile! The fact that most of them are SOX fans helps, as well!! :0)”

Jan ’12

“Everyone was very patient with me. They knew their stuff. I can move my arm up my back which I wasn’t able to do when I came to Atlas.”

Sept ’11

“I always felt comfortable, as if I was among family. Great team spirit throughout staff.

Aug ’11

“When I arrived for an appt., I did not have to wait. Everyone was very helpful & attentive.

Aug ’11

“I have had physical therapy (for other problems) at other places. NEVER have I had a therapist as knowledgeable, thorough, insightful, and caring as Lisa. When she could see that a planned exercise might cause a problem elsewhere she immediately modified it. (I have a very weak rotator cuff that had been very badly torn and a knee that crunches from bone on bone.) I have told everybody I know that they won’t find a better physical therapist ANYWHERE!”

July ’11

“Leo, he was the best p.t. I have ever had. I have had 25 knee operations and have done a lot of p.t. Leo was the greastest. I spoke with him before I came to Atlas. He did everything he said he would do.”

June ’11

“Debra did a great job of chalenging me to get me back into great shape and back normal after hip replacement surgery.Debra is a great asset to your company.”

April ’11

“I enjoyed coming. I needed positive reinforcement to do the exercizes. Dawn showed me a way to reduce the swelling in my leg that I hadn’t known before. The whole thing was a pleasant experience.”

Mar ’11

“Everything about your facility and clinical staff was excellent- would highly recommend.

Mar ’11

“Very caring, kind, and knowledgeable. Everyone was very professional yet made you feel comfortable and at ease.

Dec ’10

“Very knowledgeable staff was able to pinpoint the root cause of the problem and treat accordingly (the MRI’s and XRay diagnostics did not find the issue…Atlas PT uncovered it and it was addressed.”

Nov ’10

“Your staff was amazing. They made our 12 year old daughter at ease, have fun, and enjoy the process with the rehab of her torn acl. While we are happy that she is improving it is sad that we won’t be coming to your office any longer.”

Nov ’10