Our Philosophy


The human body is resilient.  We have the unique ability to adapt to stress, recover from injury, and advance our physical abilities as we see fit.  Humans have a direct impact on these functions based on how they treat themselves, far greater than the impact from others treating them.  

At Atlas, we’re here to show you that YOU are your own answer.  We’re going to teach you how to manage pain, how to stay strong, how to continue playing your sport, how to play with your grandchildren.  We’re going to teach you that above all other human attributes, STRENGTH is the most important.  Being strong is far more than just being able to lift something heavy.  Strength is most correlated with not only health in athletics, but also in general daily activities as we age.  Strength is also the most important factor in being able to maintain independence and thus manage one’s own health.

You are a resilient being with the capacity to be strong, no matter your current situation or history.  We’re here to guide you towards a happier, healthier, and most of all stronger quality of life.