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Atlas helps athletes and non-athletes improve their body’s capacity beyond pre-injury levels

Performance Physical Therapy
in Northeast FL

What is Performance Physical Therapy?

Performance physical therapy is a specialized type of care that aims to raise your body’s capacity, not just get your back to your baseline. Performance physical therapy fills a common void that exists between discharge from traditional physical therapy and feeling like you are truly back to game-shape. Atlas does this by:

  • Having specialty clinicians who are experts in physical therapy and strength and conditioning
  • Addressing you as an entire athlete rather than concentrating on just the location of your injury
  • Designing personalized training programs for your specific goals
  • Building strength, power, speed, and aerobic capacity in a manner specific to your sport or activity

Ready to reach the next level?

Schedule a free consultation with Atlas when you’re ready to boost your athletic performance.

What to Expect at Atlas

Other physical therapy providers in Jacksonville focus on just getting you back to your baseline. With performance physical therapy at Atlas, you’ll get expert advice on enhancing your body’s performance to achieve a new and elevated baseline.

The clinicians at Atlas have experience rehabilitating athletes at all levels including the NFL, MLB, MiLB and NCAA baseball, football, gymnastics. These athletes demand excellence upon returning to their respective sports and that philosophy is maintained no matter what level of athlete is being treated.

By understanding specific strength and conditioning concepts and incorporating them during and after your physical therapy care, we can ensure you continuously improve and reach new levels of athletic achievement.

Why Performance Physical Therapy?

While sports medicine is excellent for injury recovery, performance physical therapy:

  • Develops your post-injury performance.
  • Can help you reach new levels of performance as they relate to strength, power, speed, and aerobic capacity.
  • Ensures your whole body, not just what was injured, is ready for athletic achievement.
  • Can work to improve specific patterns such as pitching a baseball, throwing a football, or swinging a golf club.
  • Educates and provides you with training tools for continued improvement.
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